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Hey Stuart and Frank! Thanks for the kind words. Hope you guys are doing ok.
Wow , bought your CD a few years back . It's great . Did not know it was you , great stuff . Anyway Frank and I are glad to hear that your still playing . Hope to hear more from you .
Hi Larry, Thanks for the kind words and thanks for coming to the show. The effect I use on that is a Pitch Shifter which I had maxed out at 10. Just happened to stumble across that when I was looking for some kind of effect for that sketch.
Enjoyed your playing at the 7/25 performance of "Naked Imagination," here in Gulfport, Johnny. Question: what was the effect or processor used, to give you the "circus" sound, for the Ferris Wheel play? Thanks.
Hi John, haven't talked to you in awhile. How are you? I just wanted to let you know that "Freewheelin Frank Malia" passed away a few weeks ago. He was only 61. I'm not sure what he died from, but he died at home on his deck. I guess that's as good a place as any. Anyhow, I hope you're doing well. Drop me a line when you get some free time.
Hi John Haven't yelled at you for awhile just wanted to see how you are. Waitin for another CD anytime soon maybe. Not much going on here don't here from anybody anymore except Fang. His Dad just psssed Couple weeks ago he was 90.Let us know how your doing and take care Uncle Gary
Hey Johnny, you and Crea are incredible together! We saw you Tuesday and hope to see you again soon. Sam
Hi Johnny! I'm hoping we can get together again when I come to St. Pete in March. I'll be in touch. Remember the fun we had at that festival? :)
Thnx Johnny! Got the cd's. I hope 2 see you soon.
Hey John Hope you had A great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. What happened to the Cowboys they fell off there horses. When's the next CD coming let me know I want to buy one. I didn't hear from you in quite awhile so I thought I'd bug you. Let me know how your doing when you can. By for now. Me and Fang
John: I'm hoping I got "The" john Roth from the old days of the Queen Vic in A-town. If so, hello old friend from the Sidewinder band, (remember?!) Got your link from a mutual friend of Brad Frey. Glad to see you're still playing. I'm on facebook along with Tommy Crist from Pickens and a bunch of people you would most likely know. Now I'm gonna listen to your usual exceptional guitar work!!1 Freewheelin Frank Malia
Hi John, long time no see or hear. My wife stumbled on your site and gave me the link. At first I didn't know it was you with the chrome dome, but I recognized the old les paul. I haven't played in many years, but haven't forgotten how to either. I'm glad to see you're still playing. You were always my favorite guitar player. I run into lee once in awhile, but he moved out of the area. Hope to hear from you sometime, and keep on rockin' Brad
Is this the Johnny Roth from the Queens Way Mersey?? If so you were talked about last night at a Mod Mill reunion. Tim K, Larry H, and I were there and Joey Colorusso performed. Glad to see you still in the music field. We hs some GREAT times aback in the 60's. Regards.. Jerry
"If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music". ~ Gustav Mahler
Hey Johnny, Your past band member Joann,the love of my life turned me on to your music. Very nice. Would like to here you live someday. Thanks for the pleasure of your music. Mark
Hey Johnny! It was great jamming with you. I hope we can do it again sometime. Mark
When are you coming to Sarasota again
Great sounds!!
Hello Johnny, Just came across your link on the music scene and remembered playing a gig with you years back with drummer Kenny"Fang"Bruke and bassist Tommy Barto from center valley. I still remeber your great slide playing on an original '59 les paul i think it was. Just wanted to say hi and if you new of Tommy's passing a few years back. Take Care, John,Bootleg Express Band Macungie
i thought you were going to be at the patch. i was hoping to see you there. Maria
hey uncle john you still rock!
Hi! The new CD is awsome. I can't get enough of it. I even played it at the daycare for the teachers and the 2 year olds went crazy dancing to it. The teachers really liked too!! Your biggest fan!!!!
hey johnny, i just stumbled upon your site looking for instrumental blues and i just wanna tell you that you're awesome. keep doin what you're doin. garrett
Borrowed CD's from my friend ( and neighbor )Judy in WV --I am blown away by your wonderful music. You REALLY know how to rock. Sincerely, Ron
Keep on jammin' Great stuff!
I can't wait for the new CD. It was nice seeing you last night at the Globe.
Would like to come out to hear you - let me know when/where
I heard your "Lakota" cut on Myspace. Sounds great. My brother-in-law will love it. Keep cranking out those great songs.
I defninitely like your sound.I am a bass player looking for a group....like innovative blues, jazz and soul. Bill Wood
The MP3 files sound great!! When are you playing in the Lehigh Valley? I used to be one of your bass players & I miss seeing you around the area!
Sounds good from here
Hi. I was born in Muenchen, Germany but live in South Africa. My Son also plays Guitar similar to you
Momentum is picking up for entertainment in the Poconos. A lot of connections are growing on myspacce. Just a suggestion for your awesome band - get a myspace page. When you gonna play again? See you soon. Nat
Hi John, Enjoyed your originals as well as your creative playing at the wildflower on saturday. Get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. Was great to see you and meet your wife, Dave wagner
What a great show at the Wildflower!!! I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon.
Cool site ya'll and way cool grooves!! Keep the Blues alive!
Looking forward to your next album. See ya soon.
Happy New Year to all of our fans, friends and family.
GREAT SHOW at the wildflower Cafe & Gallery. You guys were groovin and smooooth... Great originals. Glad your there in November. We wouldn't miss it can't wait to see you guys again.
Loved you guys at the TRIPLE M FEST! Loved all the orginals. Looking forward to seeing you again.
Hi Joann!!!! Can't wait to see you live.
Hi Johnny, Hoping you guys will be playing in our area real soon. Keep on rockin'!!
Wow, John! The new website looks incredible! And...forgive me for gasping, but...you shaved your head!! Totally wild! I love it. I have so many people addicted to your first album, they keep asking when the second one is coming!
Johnny looks good with no hair! You guys ROCK!
I love the new website! I also love the first song clip you have up. It's my favorite of course. Me & Bob are both very excited to see you guys play in June!
Hey there everyone! Finally got a new site up and running. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and messages. Peace, Johnny

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